Ashoka Buildcon Pvt Ltd, is the leading company in the construction sector. Ashoka Training Institute, founded by Ashoka Education Foundation, established in october 1997, has started its work in the field of innovative education and is working to fill the gaps of practical knowledge and theoretical in the construction and real estate sector. With the aim of creating quality builders, engineers and developers in the construction sector, ATI has so far has trained over 12000 people in Nashik and Pune and provided employment and business opportunities to them. 

Construction Business is the fast moving & never stopping business, the area which provides the highest employment after agriculture. It is the duty of the Engineer who should get work done and also balance the three sutras in construction industry that it Quality,Speed and Budget.

Land trade is the oldest and most traded business however, due to complicated laws, documents, and increased land prices, there is an ongoing relationship with trade dispute.In India more than 4 crore cases are pending with the land dispute. From this point of view, to provide practical knowledge in legal, technical, financial as well as in marketing, presentation, architecture etc. in minimum time, we have designed this Real Estate Development Program to develop real estate developers, broker, consultants and investors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge in construction sector to create Quality Builders, Developers, Contractors and Practical Site Engineers having Technical, Financial and Marketing knowledge in the field.

Our Vision

Our vision is to train and create 50,000 self-sustained market ready associates in Construction and Real Estate field.

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